GAT (Guidance Automation Toolkit) Takes Life!

Back at the MVP Summit in Redmond in late September, I had a chance to talk at some length with my buddy and fellow MVP Daniel Cazzulino.

Daniel was up to his eyeballs in the GAT, along with Victor Aprea and a bunch of other contract people working out of the Redmond campus. I asked a lot of questions, and Daniel and Victor responded, and at that time, since i realized GAT really hadn't been "born" yet, I kind of "tucked it away" in my head for later.

Well, I'm happy to reveal that it's born, and developers should take note.

GAT is a first, but a very big step into extensions to Visual Studio 2005 that allows architects to author integrated user experiences for reusable assets that include frameworks, components and patterns. The resulting Guidance Packages are composed of templates, wizards and what they call "recipes" (it ain't Martha Stewart, folks), that can help developers build solutions in a way consistent with the architecture guidance and best practices.

If you look at the "history of GAT" on Wojtek's blog, you can get a much better feel for the heavyweight people who have helped to guide it in the right direction.

You can download the bits from the VS.NET Team System Development Center right now and start working with this excellent piece of work.

They came up with an extremely cool invocation layer, and if you are into best practices Patterns and Practices stuff, you will really like this bundle of work.

It has it's own MSDN Forum, and there are lots of resources available. So, check it out!