Who's got the Balls? NYC Transit strike off to a bad start.

I grew up in NYC. It's a tough town. Tough people, but they can also be very nice.

One good thing I learned in NY is how to drive. You stick your nose out into traffic until somebody chickens out. Problem is, here in Florida they don't get that this is just etiquette, and they shoot you, or at least try to run you off the road! Idiots!

Now look, transit strikes are illegal. In New York State, they have the Taylor Law, which unequivocally makes public transit strikes illegal.

The City of New York went and got a court injunction against the union, barring them from going on strike. A judge fined them a million a day. And yet, after all this, Roger Toussaint, the president of the Transit Workers Union, had the unmitigated gall to stand up at a rally and yell to the crowd, "If Mayor Bloomberg wants to know what we think about this lawsuit, I'll show you," and he tore up the legal papers in front of them.

If the Transit Workers Union defies a court injunction, breaks the law, and goes out on strike anyway, they need to GET FIRED, dood!

Ronald Reagan did this in 1981 to the air traffic controllers, and that worked out just fine. The air traffic controllers had gone out on an illegal strike, and Reagan gave them 48 hours to get back to work or be fired. Many of them thought Reagan was bluffing, and they found out the hard way he wasn't. But, Ronald Reagan had Real Balls. Michael Bloomberg is just a pussy.

It's a lot harder to replace an air traffic controller than it is to replace a subway operator. Why can't Michael Bloomberg summon up the BALLS to fire the illegally striking transit workers in 2005? Why? Because he's a PUSSY.

He should have fired them immediately, and not even given them an option of coming back to work. But, he screwed up.

Anybody with an above room - temperature IQ could figure this game out. Bloomberg, you lost pal!