Here's the deal: Pope (who ostensibly represents tolerance, love for humankind, etc. around the world) says something that one particular group (Muslims) can misinterpret to be slanderous to Islam. Actually, he was quoting someone else, trying to explain the Vatican's policy that there is no room for violence in religion, but the Muslim fanatics went nuts. Why? Because of the way the MEDIA reported it.

Fanatic Islamic groups around the world respond by protesting and burning Christian Churches. Yo, man!-- It's a self-fulfilling prophecy! Even if the Pope did not -- in any way -- intend for his utterances to be interpreted to say that Islam is bad, Islamist extremists will dutifully react and start burning Christian symbols, knowing full well that the media will report it, thereby proving to all the world that Islam is indeed "bad" - when in actual fact, Islam is a peaceful religion that does not preach violence at all.

Who is responsible for this? THE MEDIA. Because of the slanted, one-sided, myopic way that they report anything sensational, because it sells advertising and it increases ratings. The media does not care -- it is a whore, addicted to the crack of the ratings race.

Make no mistake -- it is THE MEDIA that is SATAN! The media is responsible for the war in Iraq, President Bush, Hillary Clinton, Webtards, Blogtards, high oil prices, e-Coli in your spinach, and everything else!

The MEDIA is like the biblical Jacob - a con-man, a manipulator, a deceiver... and we just suck it up like a Slurpee out of a straw, without even thinking!

Jeesh! I feel so much better, now that I've got all this figured out!