Windows Vista RC1 - Upgrade from Windows XP x64? -- NOT!

"We were guessing about Iraq. We are not guessing about Iran. If they get nuclear weapons they will foster terror on a scale that cannot be imagined." -- Benjamin Netanyahu

Well, they put out RC1 today and I think I have been getting wiser in my young age with BETAs and stuff -- I've been smart enough to hold off on the various Vista Betas. Not a bad decision after reading some of the horror story blog entries.

But you know, "RC1" is by definition so substantially a final release that I decided to down it and install on my second hard drive - the one that currently runs Windows XP x64 - and which I hardly use anyway.

So I burned the DVD, booted up into the XP OS, and inserted the DVD and let it come up. Guess what? The Upgrade section is greyed out!

I'm like, "Wait a minute! This is a Release Candidate!"

Bottom line, this is what people are going to get when they buy this and you can't even upgrade over a valid Windows XP x64 edition?

Well then, Vista can wait. I don't know what the technical explanation or rationale for this is, but it's pretty poor in my book! Guys, 64-bit has come of age. If you want feedback from developers and BETA testers on your last push to bring out the product, then give them the tools to upgrade over an existing 64-bit OS, for Christ's sake!

Maybe I'll put it on my notebook which runs XP 32 bit. And then, maybe I'll just make a new partition and put it on that - although I'm not thrilled at having to install second copies of all my "stuff" just to try out this sucker...

N.B. -- I did make a new partition on my x64 Turion notebook, and installed Vista RC1 x64 on it. It seemed to run very nicely, but it didn't recognize my sound card at all. And this is a plain- vanilly Gateway that is extremely popular, they sell out of Best Buy like hotcakes off a grill. Microsoft, you guys need to spend more time on the 64-bit stuff - the drivers, being able to upgrade over an existing Windows XP installation, and more. I don't care if it takes you an extra six months. Get it right -- I can wait!