Boston Mooninite Hoax Device for Sale on EBay

Christopher Budnick, a third-year student at Northeastern University and a member of the Harvard and Northeastern Free Culture student activist group, managed to retrieve one of the recent Turner Broadcasting Cartoon Network promo devices about 2 hours after the public bomb scare -- well ahead of the ATF.

Mooninite Photo from Boston Scare

Somebody on Wired News got a hold of him, and the following snippet illustrates:

"What do you think of the entire panic these caused? Do you think Beredovsky should be held criminally responsible?"

"I think it's pretty indicative of the mad culture we live within right now. If we were even lucky enough to be targeted by a mad bomber with the foresight to clearly illuminate, mark, and make public his explosives, homeland security still would have only found 10 of them within the first hour."

--The guy wants to help fund a local artist alliance with part of the proceeds, after paying off his student loans. Nice kid, and smart too.

We live in an altered state after 9-11. Schmucks like Turner Broadcasting need to step back and think "WHAT DOES THIS AFFECT" first. That's what we as programmers do.

It's cool to have neat promotional campaigns to bring attention to your TV show and/or movie. It's not cool to say thing like "Well, we've had it going for 3 weeks in other cities" as if to imply that there is something wrong with the City of Boston, Massachusetts. If you want to be a good corporate citizen, you gotta stop acting like a fyookin' 14 year old, even though that may be your primary audience.