Meet Jack Murtha: Official Saboteur of US peace efforts in Iraq (and parallels to programming)

Since last December, Mr. Murtha has become the hero of the antiwar crowd, and, as we've seen with other such individuals, scrutinizing their behavior is considered disrespectful. Few might recall (since many aren't even old enough to remember) that after the massive 1980 Abscam scandal, Mr. Murtha was named by the FBI as an unindicted co-conspirator.

Sez Murtha, "Once we get out of there, it will be more stable in Iraq." Oh, Really? Jack Murtha is an idiot. If he has his way and we get out of there, even many left-wing Democrats agree that all hell will break loose, and we will be in much more danger - not only from Al Queda, but from Iran and other destabilizing influences, than we are now.

Newt Gingrich: "It's conceivable that Murtha woke up one day a year ago and said, 'You know, if I don't start bashing America, and bashing the military, and repudiating everything I've stood for my whole life, these guys aren't going to allow me to be chairman of the committee that spends the money.'"

I have no problem with people wanting us to get out of Iraq. I want that too. But when you sabotage our best efforts through subterfuge and chicanery in such a manner as to not be held accountable for the results, that's not good public or foreign policy at all. Democrats? Where's the PLAN? I still don't see one.

The recent House vote, and the off-the-wall Liberal Democrats and spineless Republicans who supported it are at fault. These are the same liberals that believe that:

* Global warming exists as our fault just because Al Gore said it was a problem.

* President Bush went AWOL in the National Guard just because Dan Rather reported it on 60 minutes.

* All Christians are extremists.

* Universal healthcare will actually work here in the US.

* All conservatives are racist towards blacks and Mexican Americans.

* All conservatives are white, upper class males.

* Who protest for the sake of protesting, without a full and complete understanding of the issues.

I'm sorry to say it, but the American Left is not well -- it's driven by rage.

They're mad about losing the past two presidential elections, mad about losing their longtime monopoly on how news and information are disseminated. They're mad about increasing numbers of minority conservatives in the Republican Party. They're mad about patriotism, capitalism, religious freedom, our national heritage, and the war on terror.

Disagree? Sure, I expect you will. But, be careful, or I may sic Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter on you.

Some advice on politics - and parallels to programming:

It is the same with politics, programming, and criticism. For us as software developers, telling someone their code is "total crap" is not helpful. Telling them they misspelled an XML element name, have several places where they've repeated code, and they need exception handling in all of their methods is much more helpful. It not only allows them to improve their current code, but it may help them out in the future as well.

It certainly takes more time to itemize mistakes, but it's worth it. Liberals can learn to be leaders by not criticizing "Bush the President" and instead, offering constructive criticism and showing clearly defined, well - thought - out alternatives. Cutting off war funding or creating restrictions so onerous that they paralyze the Commander in Chief aren't "solutions".

It's easy to come into a situation and complain. It's easy to point out the flaws in everything. Democrats who complain and think the solution is a non-binding vote of no-confidence on the war in Iraq aren't providing any real help. Much the contrary -- they may be emboldening our adversaries and weakening our position with potential allies, unless they can present a clearly-defined path to success. Making policy by obstruction is the fastest path to failure.


The views expressed here are my own, except when they are someone else's. Business and politics are unpredictable and unsafe. The Internet is dangerous. Many blogs have been written about these dangers, and there's no way I can list them all here. Read the blogs. The Internet is covered in slippery slopes with loose, slippery and unpredictable footing. The RIAA can make matters worse. Patent trolls are everywhere. You may fall, be spammed or suffer a DOS attack. There are hidden viruses and worms. You could break your computer. There is wild code, which may be vicious, poisonous or carriers of dread malware. These include viruses and worms. E-mail can be poisonous as well. I don't do anything to protect you from any of this. I do not inspect, supervise or maintain the Internet, blogosphere, ISP’s or other features, natural or otherwise. You are on your own. Figure it out for yourself.


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    If you only know democrat or republican base from the media they both look quite insane. The people the press drag on the air scare me. But I think thats their job. Were are the sane ones? to smart to hold office or just to smart to be on meet the press?

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    You can say the same thing about Sen. Harry "I'm above the law" Reid. IMO, a Traitor.

  3. Yes, you could, and you could also say similar things about Republicans - its not an illness that afflicts only one party. I'm focusing more on the tactics and how they could be improved and bringing to light Murtha's less than pristine history was appropriate.

  4. I'm tired of black and white politics and media. To portray all republicans as minority hating, rich, white males is liken to saying all democrats are left wing, anti war, potsmoking, hippies.

    I pray that the majority of the world stands in the middle, the not-insane middle, where we don't really think that "just adding more troops" is going to solve the problem, but "disbanding the war" won't solve it either. There isn't going to be a clear-cut solution to a war. Fact remains, we are at war and we have to do the "right thing" for america and for the innocent civilians of iraq.

    That right thing would be to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and to protect american interests in iraq (business and people) all while trying to help iraqis establish their own system of security, commerce, education, and thusly, stability.

  5. You mean -- all Democrats are NOT left wing, anti war, potsmoking, hippies?

  6. Anonymous12:34 AM

    For your own benefit you should stay away from politics. Your view is much too "programmed" and a synthesis of what the news agencies propound.

    You probably think we went there for WMDs, and that there really is an Al Queda... geesh!

  7. Dear Anonymous,
    I haven't the slightest idea where you are coming from but I suspect it is a place similar to where there was "no holocaust".

    You have a problem, pal.


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