If you are getting into the RC1 Release of ASP.NET MVC – you might want to check this post by Phil Haack – which apparently corrects a couple of problems and provides a corrected download.

I have to keep synced with this now because we’re starting a major new project with a client that is already using MVC – and so I need to be able to jump in with both feet.

Here is the link to the direct download to the revised installer.

And here is a link to Haack’s post about the “refresh”. Phil says that the way to fully ensure you have the refresh is to right click on the downloaded file, select the Digital Signatures tab, and make sure the Time Stamp says Wednesday, January 28 and not Friday, January 23.

Kindly note that the link to the “release documentation” with the new installer now links to a real Word document with all the details for your reading pleasure.

Well! Let’s get going and hope there aren’t any more “hiccups”!