Internet Explorer: Flash "1 item remaining" - Movie Not Loaded

A couple of days ago I started having an issue where if I’d go to Youtube.com to look at a Flash movie, I’d get to see only a black screen in the movie area. A right – click on the movie and I’d see “Movie not loaded”. In addition, the browser status bar reports “1 item remaining” – basically meaning, “I’m waiting for this movie to load”. Of course, this never goes away.

You might be tempted to uninstall the Flash plugin or try any number of fixes including changing your Internet Explorer security settings, among other "tricks". Don't do it. Try this first. Here’s how I fixed it:


In Internet Explorer, choose “Tools / Internet Options”. In the Browsing History section, click the “Delete” button and you should see a dialog like the above. Note that I have checked the History and Temporary Internet files checkboxes. Click Delete at the bottom and that should fix it. If that doesn’t work, do it again but this time uncheck the “Preserve Favorite website data” Item and click Delete again.

Works for me!