Why I'm Voting for Mitt Romney

Romney is making this election about Barack Obama.
Considering the current state of the economy, Barack Obama has a record that he simply cannot run on. This is why the "Generic Republican" did so well in the primary season polls against Obama.  Republicans are putting forward a contrasting vision, but the election is ultimately a referendum on Obama.  Romney is correctly focusing on that issue.

Romney has a history of turning things around.
With the economy still limping along, only a 63 percent labor force participation rate, and American debt dangerously spiraling out of control, this country absolutely must have a change in direction.  Fixing entities that are in trouble is exactly what Mitt Romney has spent much of his life doing. As CEO of Bain Capital, Romney oversaw the investment and renovation of numbers of struggling companies, with an 80% overall success rate.  He successfully led the effort to save the 2002 Winter Olympics, which had previously been plagued by a bribery scandal and a huge budget deficit. This is the kind of turnaround management that America needs right now. Obama has not only demonstrated his complete lack of experience in this area but has actually instituted policies that have made things much worse.

Romney knows how to create jobs.
Republicans need a nominee that understands how to create jobs.  Mitt Romney has a proven record of job creation.  People can argue about exact numbers, but there is no argument that Romney is the only candidate that has contributed to significant job creation in both the private and public sector. He understands that the way to get the economy moving is to remove the uncertainty and provide a stable business environment for growth. He's had a detailed 160 page economic plan on his web site for almost a year:  http://goo.gl/8mnsx   What's more, Romney fully understands the looming dangers and costs of Obamacare and has vowed to get it repealed.

Romney has executive experience.
The presidency is a unique role that can only be compared to the executive position at the state level. Romney is the only Republican candidate that has executive experience.  As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney had to perform executive duties similar to those that will be required of a president.  Considering how complex our government has become and the example Obama has set for what happens with an inexperienced president, executive experience is an important trait for the nominee. Mitt Ronmey also understands that now is the time to begin the long, slow restoration of a representative republic as our founding fathers envisioned it, as opposed to the Socialist entitlement "Nanny State" promoted by Obama.

Romney will be responsible to conservative goals as president.
Romney will require a full coalition of Republican voters to win.  He understands that conservatives will oppose and fight him when he strays.  As Jonah Goldberg said, “it is better to have a president who owes you than to have one who claims to own you”.  Mitt Romney will owe conservatives if he is elected, and that is a debt he will have to pay to be a successful president.