Don’t Lose the War

The insanity of American foreign policy is on display everywhere in the world.

When you go to war against anyone, especially against extreme cultures and nations, you must bomb Dresden into smoking ruins, or you cannot win the war. You must drop The Bomb on Hiroshima, or the price will be a Pyrrhic victory at best. Just as in a personal fight against an armed mugger, you must fight for your life and when your opponent goes down, make sure he stays down, by whatever means are necessary -- or you will simply die.

In the struggle against Muslim extremism and against extremist cultures overseas, we have, instead, as Republicans, conservatives, Democrats and liberals, abandoned most of The Constitution and denied most of our own right and freedoms in the name of "security."

When you go to war, there are some enemies who must be utterly destroyed.

Americans no longer have the stomach to destroy their enemies. They no longer even have the stomach to fight for their own freedom. Both sides of the ideological divide in America keep electing and re-electing people who take their freedoms from them. Then, we all pay those same politicians to take our freedoms from us. We're paying them to steal from us and to kill and imprison our family members, friends and neighbors. We're paying for their corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

None of this will change, until we, as American citizens, are willing to change.
(Adapted and enhanced from Warren Bonesteel comment on PJ Media article)