We Don't need no Steenking Vee Bee Dot Net!

This Richard Grimes thing has really fired up a lot of people! The guy is a pro, he can say whatever the hell he wants in his parting shot at DDJ. So he put down .NET and made a bunch of predictions.Who cares! When .NET first came out I clearly remember one JAVA guru calling it "Vaporware".

You really don't want to engage too much in mental masturbation over this kind of thing. Maybe he was having a Senior Moment. Maybe somebody in Redmond got him pissed off. One thing I know,
his comments about VB.NET were right on. We don't need no steenking Vee Bee Dot Net! Nyaaa, Nyaa Nyaaa!

It's not the language itself (although I've come to hate it). What it really is: Microsoft tried to create a new language for marketing purposes, because of all the billions ( a la Carl Sagan) of VB develpers out there. In doing so, they perpetuated all the helper classes and crutches and Option Strict=off and Option Explicit = off and the result is you have beelions of crybaby VB developers now doing .NET and they are being allowed -- even encouraged --to write crappy code and get away with it. The VB.NET compiler compiles it - it doesn't even whimper. I am humiliated almost daily by the C# compiler - I have to write quality, strongly typed code. And all this stuff about case insensitivity is a buncha baloney! What, they are gonna redo the UNIX filesystem because you think case insensitivity is passé?

If you want to feed a man for a lifetime don't give him a VB.NET fish. Let him learn C#. Look at the Enterprise Library. All C#. Look at ASP.NET - all 1 million plus lines of code -- C Sharp. What are we talking here, Greek?

Hanselman got it right when he said: Set VB6=Nothing.

I say, Set VB.NET = VB.NOT!