Flash! Legitimate use for VB.NET found!

Yup. I believe I have found a legitimate, really useful (a la "Thomas the Tank Engine") use for Visual Basic .NET!

There are lots of scripts out there written primarily in VBScript that enable developers to do all kinds of cool things. If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, visit the TechNet Script Center and have yourself a look.

Now the cool thing is, you can paste a lot of this stuff into a VB.NET Class Library project, and all you need to do is massage the "Set", "wscript" and other VBS script-generic statements to regular old VB.NET Objects and fix up the code until "It Just Works"!

The key feature of this completely innovative and mind-blowing technique that most VB.NET afficionados will really like is that in order to make it really, really easy for yourself - you can Turn Off Option Strict and Option Explicit! ("What?", you say, "I already have them turned off...")

My Gosh! I've already (ahem) "written" a class library for my boss that enables and disables Network Adapters, and now I am "writing" one that allows you to add or delete an IP address to an adapter!

Will the wonders never cease? Long Live Visual Basic! (And apple pie, pumpkins, and the Rolling Stones...)