Time for a new Global Energy Policy?

Shafts of ancient ice pulled from Antarctica's frozen depths show that for at least 650,000 years three important heat-trapping greenhouse gases never reached recent atmospheric levels caused by human activities, scientists are reporting today.

The measured gases were carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Concentrations have risen over the last several centuries at a pace far beyond that seen before humans began intensively clearing forests and burning coal, oil and other fossil fuels, and the results are being published today in the journal Science.

"CO2 and climate are like two people handcuffed to each other. Where one goes, the other must follow. Leadership may change, or they may march in step, but they are never far from each other. Our current CO2 levels appear to be far out of balance with climate when viewed through these results, reinforcing the idea that we have significant modern warming to go.", said James White, a geology professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Did you like Hurricane Katrina? Want some more? Hey, just keep drivin' that gas-guzzlin' SUV to work every day, with you being the only person in it!

How much evidence do you NEED? Did the Twin Towers coming down not convince you that there are bad, BAD people who want you DEAD, or have you just conveniently "forgotten about it"?

Gas and oil prices have come down dramatically, exactly as I predicted in early October, is that why we are "forgetting"?

We put people on the fewkin' MOON FORTY YEARS AGO! Are you telling me we can't take care of this shit?

We got a bunch of "status quo" good old boys in Congress who better wake up before all our grandchildren are DEAD. Let's get the "lead out" and formulate a long-term energy policy that really will work for America and the civilized world -- for the next 100, 200 years - and beyond. What kind of idiotic intellectual stagnation and lack of vision are we suffering from today?

Let's show some fewkin' GLOBAL LEADERSHIP for a change!

And at the same time, we can tell the oil guys in the Middle East to take a well-deserved HIKE. We can produce enough ethanol from corn right here in the USA to power every car, truck and bus in our country. And it costs WAY LESS than gasoline from OIL. If you travel through Nebraska, you can buy 95% Ethanol from corn at the pump -- and most modern cars and trucks will run great on it with no required modifications. How come it's not happening everywhere else? Simple: Your Congressperson and Senator aren't being pressured to do anything about it!

This isn' t about Democrats vs. Republicans, folks. It's not about Bush and Cheney being hooked into "Big Oil". If you think it is, you completely missed the message.What it's about is our future. Trade in your SUV to some sheik in Bahrain and start writing letters to your elected representatives. At least, it's a start.

I've been chastised for not sticking to technology and .NET on my UnBlog. My formula is simple: mix in enough of my personal view on world events I think are important, along with the technology stuff, so that programmers will read both. So what do you think? Do you have an opinion, or do you just think "Oh, yeah" and that 's the end of it? If you have a conviction, then get off your ass and DO SOMETHING about it, dood!

Incidentally, an astute blogger commented on a previous post of mine about the Committee on Energy and Commerce
with an interesting link that concerns this topic. Maybe we just need AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE COMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND COMMERCE?

Here's the deal: Even if you don't believe the research, don't we STILL NEED TO HAVE ENERGY INDEPENDENCE FROM FOREIGN OIL? I'm SICK of these power-hungry bureaucrats who think their SHIT DOESN"T STINK, and who are disconnected from the reality of global economics and security! We pay their salaries through our hard-earned tax money. They need to listen to US!

That's my two cents! ( for more information on ethanol, you can start here.)