Da Dum, Da Dum, Saddam

"At 6:10 a.m., the trapdoor swung open. He seemed to fall a good distance, but he died swiftly. After just a minute, he was not moving. His eyes still were open but he was dead.
His body stayed hanging on the rope for another nine minutes as those in attendance broke out in prayer, praising the Prophet, at the death of a dictator."

There are surely two schools of belief system about the above:

1) America toppled the Dictator and empowered his people to regain their destiny, and the Iraqi people did what they consider proper justice at their own will.

2) It was the Americans' fault, America has no business in Iraq; It was America that executed Saddam.

You will often also find the number 2 people in the cadre of folks who have something in their radical, left-wing psyches that leads them to believe that the U.S. Government was somehow involved in the 9/11 disaster, in some evil conspiratorial way.

So, now it's over. Like Hitler, Tojo, Stalin. Good vs Evil. At any rate, it certainly should be cathartic for the Iraqi people, many of whom have suffered dearly at the hands of this maniac.

Where do we go from here? Personally, I have no doubt that Saddam was one of the most evil dictators of the 20th century (and a portion of the 21st), and deserved to be hanged. Banishment would have been more humane, but we must remember that in that part of the world, punishment by death is more the rule than the exception.

-- And, it was their decision.

We still have 40,000 troops in Japan and 30,000 in Korea after 60 and 50 some-odd years respectively. The U.S. of A. is going to have a presence in Iraq for a very long time. Get over it.

The American Thinker article that one commenter astutely points out sums it up:

"It is interesting to note that those complaining about Saddam's death sentence do so in the safety knowing that they will probably never have to live in the culture he helped create, nor will they ever have Saddam Hussein as a neighbor. If Saddam were allowed to live, Iraqis who suffered under his regime would not have those same assurances."