New Features at IttyUrl.Net

My latest creation, Ittyurl.net, which takes the "short url" concept quite a bit farther, now features my "Multi-Search", which searches currently 18 different providers simultaneously (live.com, google blog search, msn search, msdn search, digg, asp.net forums, technorati, blogmarks, reddit, Yahoo news, blogdigger,
waypath, blogpulse, fybersearch, feed24.com, icerocket.com, furl.net, and google news), removes duplicate links, and presents your results in a nice page-able Gridview display.

If you are interested in some pointers on how I do this, check out this recent article on eggheadcafe.com.

The concept of IttyUrl.net is that if you create a short url there, you should not only be able to get a free RSS feed of all your links, but your short url should be shared with others so it is searchable and thus people who use the site can use it to find "similar" content that others have saved.

There is also a very easy-to-use SOAP 1.2 compliant webservice API. Take a look. Suggestion are, of course, always welcome.