Whoops! Got Tagged!

From the It Really Happened Department

Developer: "Why is Visual Studio.Net so SLOW!"
Developer 2: "Try closing a few of the other nine copies you've got running."

<Got Tagged?>

I don't know who came up with this, but I've seen it around and now I've been tagged by my buddy, MVP Rick Strahl.

That means I've got to tell you five things about myself that you don't know about me. Let's see...

1) I'm the kid who set Hi Tor on fire! Yep, when I was 14, I and Tommy Lockhart decided to hike up to Hi Tor, a mountain that overlooks the Hudson River in northern Rockland County, New York. Tommy and I had started a fire to cook our hot dogs and we scrambled up the metal radio tower at the top of the mountain to enjoy the panoramic view. The winds were high, and before we could clamber back down, the whole top of the mountain was on fire. We hi-tailed it back home as fast as we could. They sent a helicopter up there to douse it with water. Nobody got hurt, I don't think. Here's the whole story, if you want a good giggle...

2) I started out programming in BASIC! That's right, you would never know it because you couldn't pay me any amount of money to write in BASIC now, but that's how I learned programming. Echh!

3) My cousin Victoria, who is now married with kids and lives in Boulder, CO, was a dancer with the New York City Ballet under the legendary George Balanchine. No, I am not related to David Bromberg or Brian Bromberg, but I did play contrabass and flute in jazz clubs in and around New York City years ago, with the Robert Hunt Trio. I also gigged with Noel Jewkes and Jules Broussard in San Francisco, and played Zen flute music with Schawkie Roth.

4) My goal in life is to be a philanthropist. Right now, I'm still only a malingerer, but I'm working on it!

5) I believe in the Zen of programming. If you aren't sure what that means, don't worry. I just had to find something for number 5! BTW, one of my favorite Web 3.0 sites is zombo.com - where you can do anything!

But mostly, I've always been a geek. When other kids were cruising around in their cars, I was in my room, soldering in an illegal 40-Watt power tube into my CB radio!

So, to keep this going, "Who's on First?" You guys have been TAGGED:

1) David Silverlight, of XmlPitstop.com

2)Kevin Spencer (MVP)

3) Jon Skeet, (MVP)

4) Robbe Morris (MVP)(RobDogSnoopCat)

5) Bill Jones (MVP)