SQL Server 2005 CTP September Install, GotdotNet Workspaces FullTrust, and Telepathy API

One of the most annoying things I've recently seen is that the August AND the September CTP of VS.NET 2005 do not correctly install the GUI Control Panel applet, "Microsoft .NET Configuration" for 64-bit platforms.

I entered a Product Feedback bug on this for August and was told it was fixed and would appear in the next CTP or the RTM bits. Well, September CTP "RC0" came out, and its STILL BROKEN.

The Product Feedback people seemed like they were more anxious to close my entry (in this particular case) than to provide any real help, such as "Try using CASPOL.EXE" -- which of course, I already knew I'd have to do.

I hate caspol.exe , but that was my only other choice because I wanted to get the Windows Forms user control for Gotdotnet Workspaces source control working. So, after studying a bit, here's the code:

caspol -q -machine -addgroup 1 -url http://www.gotdotnet.com/* FullTrust -name "GotDotNet_Workspaces"

That will enable fulltrust for .NET Framework 2.0. The installer will take care of 1.1 for you automatically. Now what would really be nice is getting the VS.NET SCC plugin working too.

Of course, you must execute that on the command line in the .NET Framework folder for the version you want to enable, such as in:


Another booger: You go to MSDN Subscribers and log in and you look at the September CTP of SQL Server 2005. There's a main ISO image download. There's also a "tools" disk download. So you download and burn the "main" thinking you really don't need the "extras" on the second disk, right? NOPE! Halfway through the install, when you get to Books Online and all that crap, guess what! You get prompted for "DISK 2"!

Come-on folks, this ain't rocket science. If both disks are required for an installation, then how about let's show the simple courtesy of puttting a message up there explaining so. How about it?

We're pretty smart, but we aren't telepathic yet! Now that I think about it, if you ever come out with the Microsoft Telepathy API SDK, please put me on the beta testers list. I can just see the release text now:

REDMOND, Wash. -- Oct 30, 2006 -- Microsoft Corp. today announced the release of beta version 1 of the Microsoft® .NET Telepathy® 1.0 API, the latest version of Microsoft's suite of bioinformation application programming interfaces. Beta 1 features Microsoft's innovative new high-level mind search language (HLMSL), a powerful new programming model that offers the easiest-to-use telepathy results toolset for developers. . .